Dear Sponsor:
New Life Community Development Agency (New Life CDA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency serving the West Bremerton community in Washington State. We were formed in 2003 as a service arm of the Emmanuel Apostolic Church (EAC), which has a 38-year legacy of providing support and resources to the community. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals in the West Bremerton community through comprehensive services and partnerships. Our vision is to create a strong sustainable community where disadvantaged children, families and businesses achieve their highest capacities. Our goal is to revitalize the community and create economic growth through strategic and relevant programming out of a centralized location, which offers cohesion, unity and opportunity for all residents and empowers our youth and young adults to build productive futures.
Through decades of hard work, we have become major stakeholders and advocates in the community. We’ve hosted countless community forums, launched numerous youth programs, facilitated health and wellness initiatives and even led a gang and community violence intervention partnership. We currently operate out of the Opal Robertson Teen Center in the heart of where Bremerton’s most needy and underserved residents live. We have outgrown our current facility and community need demands expansion. We are in the process of constructing the Marvin Williams/Birkenfeld Economic Empowerment Center, a youth recreational and economic empowerment community center. Construction of the center has officially commenced and we anticipate completion by November 2017.
The project includes a youth recreational facility and an economic empowerment center to address priority needs and conditions experienced in Kitsap County’s most dense, diverse and deprived community. There will be community meeting rooms, events, drop-in hours and structured activities that are welcoming, practical and effective. The center will provide needed employment, education and vocation services including business incubation and technical assistance. The project is designed to meet the core needs of opportunity in a disadvantaged community, where the cycle of poverty and the opportunity gap experienced by low-income families has historically prevailed. We are changing a blighted block that merges residential and commercial properties into a place that gives West Bremerton revitalized character.
Donating to this project creates a great opportunity for our community members and leaders to mobilize and make strategic investments to meet the needs of the West Bremerton Community. Please join us in improving the lives of those in the West Bremerton Community. Thank you in advance for your support!
New Life Community Development Agency’s Board and Staff

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