Emmanuel Apostolic Church pastored by Bishop Lawrence and Dr. Lillian Robertson is located at 1023 6th Street near downtown Bremerton.

A vibrant and passionate ministry, Emmanuel is committed to serving its membership and community in the spirit of excellence with great integrity and compassion.

Having established a reputation as a leader in the community, our focus is fulfilling the purpose and vision God has ordained for our ministry.

To make disciples of all ethnicities: by treating all with dignity and respect and encouraging personal growth through the empowerment of God's word.

Do the work of evangelism: by reaching the lost and broken and restoring them with love and service from the heart.

Care for membership: by taking care of our current membership we strengthen and build a mightier army for the Lord's service.

Emmanuel is filled with a wonderful mix of ages, cultures, gifts and talents, all who assist the ministry in building a caring covenant community of faith that lovingly touch the unsaved, the untaught, the unchurched and uncommitted, transforming them into devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.